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About SneakerTools

The most efficient way to setup for any release!

With Sneaker Tools you can easily convert your profiles and jig in mass, allowing you to setup for a drop in seconds! Supporting the majority of bots on the market, including CyberAIO, Dashe, Ghost, Splashforce and more! You can just fill out one master sheet and have that jig your profiles, such as random email with catchall support, apartment jig, random name support and simplicity. Helping you secure every release, with our other tools such as; Proxy Creator and Tester, Account creator and a Task creator for the majority of supported bots.

  • Profile Importing/Exporting
  • Proxy + Account creators
  • Clean & Simple to use user interface

Our Features

Simple UI

Our user interface is simple and easy to use, everything can be done within a few clicks.

Free Updates

Every subscription comes with free updates for the duration of your subscription with Sneaker Tools.

Address Jigging

Built-in address jigging which allows for multiple profiles with the same information to avoid cancellation and secure more than one item.

Lightning Fast Import + Export

Our simple drag and drop method allows you to seamlessly import or export your profiles with ease.

Affordable & Reliable

Our affordable prices, consistent updates & support. We try to make Sneaker Tools as affordable as possible.

Support & Documentation

We provide fast support through our Discord support server, and through our detailed documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The quickest answers for all your questions.

Sneaker Tools is the perfect companion app for any enthusiastic reseller. It's clean and simple to use, from importing to exporting profiles or creating proxies just before a drop. We provide the easiest solution for importing/exporting your profiles from spreadsheets for the leading bots on the market.
We strive to be the best app on the market as we provide in-app jigging abilities, along with proxy testing, auto-saving to the bot directly and task creation all in one place, providing the most convience for our users.
Sneaker Tools will release at the price $12.99/month. This price will include our profile converter, account creator, proxy creator and tester, along with full support available in the discord server.
Sneaker Tools does what you want it to do, it's your bot's best friend, and let's you setup for any release with ease. From profile converting to proxy creation just before the drop, we provide it all! If we don't? Just suggest to us what we should add!

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